Frequently Asked Questions

1. Sign Up In Metaclub

You can sign up via your email by clicking on the signup icon on the home page and completing the form there. 

2. Confirmation Email

You will get an email including a link, and by click on the link, your email has confirmed.

3. Log In To My Account

We can log in with Our email as username and password by clicking on the login icon on the home page.

4. Referral Marketing

We can send the invitation in social media, by email or other ways to invite people and give them our username(email) to use it for sign up.

5. Edit Our Profile

You can edit your profile photo, wallet address, currency and time zone by click on edit profile in the personal account.

6. Notification

There are two kinds of notifications. Credit notifications that notify each credit that we have earned and system notification that informs all of the internal messages and requests.

7. Packages

We can use the package after sign up by choose and purchase the package.

8. Upgrade The Package

We can upgrade our current package to other packages by purchase the new package and use all the new and more services.

9. Create A New Post

By click on new text post, we can share the text and photos.

10. Browse Timeline

We can reach to other posts by click on browse timeline.

11. Check Our Previous Posts

We can reach to other posts by click on browse timeline.

12. Create Our Brand

By click on my brands and use the “order a new brand,” we can order a send a request to create a new brand and will get the confirmation email in several days.

13. Credit Build Up

There are many ways to build up credits that we can see below:

1. Engagement: Sign Up, Login, Create a Post, Like, Comment, Share, Reshare, Rate, make emoji, …)

2. Referral Marketing: Refer a friend, invite a friend (Different if invited one accepts or not if get a package or not)

3. Profile Management: Update pic monthly, add a bio, add experiences, capabilities, etc. regularly and get credit

4. Gaming-Fun: Spin a roulette hourly, Daily, Competitions, etc.

5. Edit Contents: Edit the contents of the platform! Send feedback to get notable credits after approval!

6. Hot Spots Hunting: Be present in announced locations/radiuses, answer questions and earn credit

7. Create Needs / Solutions: Start creating needs on Needs dashboard and earn credits!

8. Create Course / Content: Create a course or related contents and receive credits!

14. Credit Spend

1. Attending Online Courses: Could spend parts of credits to cover fees partially or completely

2. Upgrading Packages: Could upgrade their packages using credits partially

3. Getting Special Accounts: Instructor/Mentor/Trainer Business Account Content Creator/ Editor

4. View Others: Could spend credits and view others’ profiles and brands if they have not set only me

5. Business Partners: Would get discounts purchasing from MC business partners

6. Cash Out Announcements: Could win cash out through the announcement

7. Shop at Metaclub: Spend your credits to shop internally or send a gift to someone

15. NID Coin

The stable coin that used to trade in Metaclub.

16. NID Exchange

There are three options to exchange NID to other currencies

1. Currency Market

2. Online exchanger

3. Direct selling (to other members or transfer directly to others wallet)

17. Help Centre

We'd love to hear from you.:

- Live Chat

- Ticket

- Email