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NID Coin

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NID provides a functional digital currency to send money globally, instantly, reliably and cost-effectively under Ethereum virtual machine by using my ether wallet.

As Ethereum leading cryptocurrency market, NID is creating the coin by this fantastic machine and lasting value for our clients, traders, and investors by using the stable coin in their trades.

Our work includes the development of global industrial champions in sectors such as E-commerce, Gaming, IT, Sports, mining, renewable energy, Oil& Gas, and the management of diverse financial holdings. We build on legacy expertise in financial and trading to investing across the market spectrum and enhance the different business growth potential through investments in their category. Our investment approach prioritizes partnership with best-in-class organizations and a commitment to the highest revenue.

The NID is designed to enable individual Talents and professionals to act on their highest convictions while limiting the risk associated with collective decision making in block chained digital city.

In our experience, working successfully means taking the long-term view. Our talents and professionals seek to identify peculiar ways that can provide an exceptional platform over several years, by using the most modern technology and paying close attention to particular facilities.

NID Coin

There is a fantastic possibility to earn NID in different ways and can find these ways in user dashboard. NID is the cryptocurrency that you can use in different platforms and get various services. NID coin has a stable coin that named NID, and with this currency, you can pay to our business partners and use their services.

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In this period until 30 January 2019, you have time to invest in NID coin by taking the token in your wallet and can get more if you need to use our extra service.


If you are looking to invest in a secure and high tech project, we offer you NID coin that would be such success regarding our business map and potentials.

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Latest News

Short Ether (sETH) Is Now Available on Radar Relay

5 نوامبر 2018


According to a post on the Radar Relay Medium, Short Ether or sETH, the first short token, is now available for trading on Radar Relay. sETH is a short position in Ethereum abstracted in an Ethereum token built on the dYdX protocol. Trading short tokens on Radar Relay is the same as trading any other ERC20 token on the relayer. This is a significant breakthrough for cryptoassets and decentralized trading, as traders and algorithms can now hedge portfolio risk and take short positions via tokens. Tokenized short positions can serve as both a risk management tool to combat bearish price action or a hedge on a substantial position.

High Times Rescinds Claim to Accept Cryptocurrency During IPO

5 نوامبر 2018


Earlier this month, High Times magazine announced that they will be accepting cryptocurrency as the first-ever Nasdaq IPO to do so. However, a recent SEC filing reveals that High Times will not deliver on its benchmark promise and will only accept fiat investments during its upcoming public offering.

Making Crypto Trading a Possibility for Everyone

5 نوامبر 2018


Whatever your views on it, there’s no getting around the fact that cryptocurrencies are one of the biggest, most exciting topics in the finance industry right now. Every media channel seems to be homing in on their potential, and it’s becoming increasingly difficult to ignore. The story of crypto itself is an interesting one. It’s a brand new concept that has shaken things up like never before in the finance industry and has opened up a whole new world of possibilities in virtually every industry. In its early days, cryptocurrency was mostly ignored and seen as a niche market. It had its own devoted set of enthusiasts, but it remained mostly unheard of in the mainstream news. Initially, the excitement was built around the idea that Bitcoin represented a new way of conducting finance–one that wasn’t beholden to big established banks or dominated by the wealthy and influential.

OpenFinance Launches Regulated Security Token Trading Platform

5 نوامبر 2018


Emerging cryptocurrency regulations are giving rise to an influx of incoming security token markets. On Aug. 28, OpenFinance launched a security token trading platform for retail and accredited investors.

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