About NID

NID provides a functional digital currency to send money globally, instantly, reliably and cost-effectively under Ethereum virtual machine by using my ether wallet.

NID Coin

As Ethereum leading cryptocurrency market, NID is creating the coin by this fantastic machine and lasting value for our clients, traders, and investors by using the stable coin in their trades.

Our work includes the development of global industrial champions in sectors such as E-commerce, Gaming, IT, Sports, mining, renewable energy, Oil& Gas, and the management of diverse financial holdings. We build on legacy expertise in financial and trading to investing across the market spectrum and enhance the different business growth potential through investments in their category. Our investment approach prioritizes partnership with best-in-class organizations and a commitment to the highest revenue.

The NID is designed to enable individual Talents and professionals to act on their highest convictions while limiting the risk associated with collective decision making in block chained digital city.

In our experience, working successfully means taking the long-term view. Our talents and professionals seek to identify peculiar ways that can provide an exceptional platform over several years, by using the most modern technology and paying close attention to particular facilities.